The heart of Dalmatia

Largest city on the Croatian coast, surroudnded with stunning islands permeated with rich history it magnetically attracts people to itself.

Just before reaching Split we will visit Klis Fort. Dating from before ninth century Klis Fort has amazing view on entire Split city area and surrounding islands.

Reaching Split a visit to Diokletian Palce, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must see.  One of best preserved monuments of Roman architecture, build as combination of luxury villa and Roman military camp two main streets inside divide it in four parts.

Visit to chatedral of St. Dominus allows you to climb bell tower all the way to the top leaving you with entire Split beneath you.

Whole city is vibrant and colorful but Split's markets are of one its particularities. Sea and mainland are merged here with products from nerby islands, fishermans from open sea and Split hinterland traditional products.

Visiting Split you should do what locals do – drink coffe on Riva. Cult place in Split and largest place for gathering of local peope let's you enjoy sun without single tought on your mind.



This tour includes:

  • Luxury car transfer
  • English speaking local driver
  • Highway tools


Optional (payed separately):

  • Klis Fort tickets
  • Drink or meal at one of restaurants in Split
  • Tickets for museums



  • Passport required
This is only suggested itinerary. We approach every exursion individally and based on your wishes or requests we will canculate excursion price. Feel free to add place of your interest or modify any part of excursion that you desire.


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