Jerusalem of Europe

Capital of Bosina and Herzegovina and Dubrovnik's twin city. Its rich cultural heritage dates from the prehistoric period, but significant period of this town is the era of Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungarians.

Sarajevo is one of the most historically interesting cities in Europe where all religion groups (Orthodox, Catolics, Muslims and Jews) always lived together.

City was often is center of attention: it was ground zero place for World War I and home of the Winter Olympics 1984.

Today the city has recovered from 90's war conflict and it represents living museum together with its people.

Sarajevo is a city of special charm tied with rich history. At Baščaršija bazaar you will see ancient trading places with artisans workshops, culture of drinking coffee and smoking, traditional restaurants, bars and an unique welcoming atmosphere.

Sarajevo will definitely not leave you indifferent.



This tour includes:

  • Luxury car transfer
  • English speaking local driver


Optional (payed separately):

  • Drink or meal at one of restaurants in Sarajevo
  • Museum tickets in Sarajevo



  • Passport required
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