West meets East

This special journey will give you deep insight in this historical significant area.

Leaving behind small villages and blue sea in Dubrovnik hinterland, our journey will continue through Neretva Valley widely known by its food specialties: eels and frogs.

By entering south part of Bosnia and Herzegovina we will visit medieval town formed by Dubrovnik Republic – Počitelj.

Continuing further we will reach Mostar.

Place where western and eastern cultures clash in unique mixture. That mixture is best seen in Old town. You will see many historical mosques as well as Catholic churches, traditional crafts on the river, many Ottoman museums from rich history. Old Bridge takes central place in life of Mostar, as it did centuries before.  Local people, especially young test their courage by jumping of the bridge in Neretva river.

Walk along a small, pretty, cobbled streets, drink Turkish coffee, try out traditional meat dishes from one of many local restaurants or simply enjoy the atmosphere.


This tour includes:

  • Luxury car transfer
  • English speaking local driver


Optional (payed separately):

  • Drink or meal at one of restaurants in Mostar or Neretva Valley
  • Museum tickets in Počitelj or Mostar



  • Passport required
This is only suggested itinerary. We approach every exursion individally and based on your wishes or requests we will canculate excursion price. Feel free to add place of your interest or modify any part of excursion that you desire.


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