Odysseus Island, when we say that, there is not much else to say. Proudly pronounced on of ten most beautiful islands in the world Mljet is something really remarkable.

Our journey will start with panorama of Dubrovnik city walls from sea, continuing towards Elafiti islands. After exploring rich history of this former Dubrovnik Republic islands we will continue to Mljet island.

Once we reach Mljet possibilities are endless. Mljet National Park is best known by Big and Small Lake, unique inland lakes. Reaching lakes you can take a boat ride to the small island of St. Mary where you will visit the beautiful Benedictine Monastery.

You may want to drive bike through pine woods, snorkeling in Odysseus Cave or just lay around in quietness of one of many hidden beaches, it is up to you.


Included in this tour:

  • Luxury car transfer from your location to boat and back
  • Free drink of your choice (water, juice or beer)
  • Snorkeling equipment


Optional (paid additionally):

  • Wine of your choice served on boat
This is only suggested itinerary. We approach every exursion individally and based on your wishes or requests we will canculate excursion price. Feel free to add place of your interest or modify any part of excursion that you desire.


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